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Flood Restoration

When disaster strikes JAE Services is recommended and used by leading Insurance companies and loss adjusters nationwide.

JAE acts quickly to save affected carpets and furnishings. In most cases carpets and fabrics saturated with water can be restored to their original condition with controlled on-the-spot drying equipment supplied by JAE Services or be removed to one of our specialised facilities.

Regular monitoring of the drying process along with delicate restorative cleaning ensures optimum results are achieved.

Steps in the restoration process

  • Generally, on the initial callout, excess water is extracted and floor coverings and / or furnishing positioned in an appropriate drying environment. Sections of carpet and / or underlay may have been removed off-site for specialised drying.
  • Drying equipment is selected from a range of specialised air movers and dehumidifiers according to requirements. Correct drying is monitored to reduce the possibility of staining and / or de-lamination, and to completely dry the affected room.
  • Service visits will be arranged as necessary to monitor the moisture levels in the affected floorings and surfaces. Weather conditions will affect the speed of drying. Sometimes brown staining occurs during the drying process; in most cases this is completely removable. Often damp carpet has a noticeable odor until completely dry. This is normal.
  • When carpet and underlay is thoroughly dry it is re-laid, and any other restored items are returned.
  • Carpet and furnishings are sanitised, deodorised, steam cleaned and treated for staining as necessary.











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