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JAE Group established 46 years in Australia & New Zealand


Our mission is to provide high quality services and products, which meet and exceed the reasonable expectations of our customers. To lead the market and be innovative in terms of the way we promote and provide our services and products and the technology employed to do so. To continue to refine and perfect the JAE system as a service to our customers.

The JAE Group Incorporated was originally established in 1963, giving it the distinction of being one of the original carpet cleaning companies in Australia & New Zealand.
It was established as Jae Carpet Valet Service, which best described the concept and activities of the operation, and had soon established itself as a market leader with a reputation for quality work, reliability and realistic charges.

The gap was further widened between our competitors, when JAE became the first company to introduce Hot Water Soil Extraction (often called Steam) Carpet Cleaning to New Zealand, and by 1973 the beginning of a nationwide network had been formed. 

In the early 1980s this network spread here in Australia, where it has continually excelled in the market place. In the early 80's there was a prominence of very hard to clean synthetic carpets prompting the necessity for higher performance, engine powered, 'Truck Mount' machines. These machines have the extra power to cope with any job from the delicate to heavy soiled commercial premises. 
Technology has advanced and JAE has been the first to move with the times. Stain treatment, flood restoration and sanitising have virtually become a trade in the last 15 years. JAE staff and members have taken numerous courses in these specialty fields and can happily boast, 'No one can do it better!'

From this base the JAE group has diversified, and is now able to offer a package of related services. Throughout this period the Group has taken painstaking care not to slip into the "Jack of all trades -- master of none" syndrome.

We attribute our success to the pursuit of the following ethics:

  • Employing persons who are committed to excellence in service and productivity, and who engender pride in their work.
  • Keeping abreast with the latest developments within the industry.
  • Being committed to using quality equipment and materials.
  • Supporting affiliated trade organisations and associations.
  • Maintaining regular and comprehensive staff training seminars.
  • Keeping JAE as a market leader in its given field.

We are happy to provide you with the same fine service which the most discerning Companies, establishments and Homes have enjoyed for more than four decades.







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